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About Us

All auto donation programs are not created equally. Your vehicle can do good when donated to the right organization. Seguin Auto Center, an entrepreneurial business of UCP Seguin of Greater Chicago, is the exception to the rule in the world of auto donation programs. UCP Seguin does it the right way.

An award-winning report in The Naperville Sun in 2005 revealed unscrupulous practices by some auto donation programs who were cheating almost 200 different charities out of over 4,000 donated cars worth millions of dollars. UCP Seguin, in conjunction with Illinois lawmakers, pushed for legislation to protect donors and charities. The ensuing law now requires proper registration of the companies that collect the donated vehicles and obligates those agents to maintain accurate and detailed records regarding all donations. It also prohibits anyone who has been convicted of a felony from handling donated vehicles.

What makes UCP Seguin’s auto donation program different from others? Seguin’s auto donation program meets and exceeds the requirements of the new law. UCP Seguin can assure donors that the money raised from the sale of these vehicles goes directly into programs that support children and adults with disabilities. At UCP Seguin’s licensed used car dealership, Seguin Auto Center, donated vehicles are sold for the highest price possible rather than sent to auction, maximizing the value of the donation and donors’ tax deductions.

Secondly, Seguin Auto Center is a recognized business, providing a needed service to the community.  According to Pete Rivera, Seguin Auto Center Manager, “The people who come to the Seguin Auto Center to purchase a car are simply looking for transportation.  They are average people – blue collar or service workers – who are looking for a vehicle at an affordable price that will get them where they need to go.” 

Thirdly, auto donations to UCP Seguin provide job opportunities to people with disabilities.  Car sales, car washing, cashiering, marketing at car shows, and other duties keep UCP Seguin participants employed in an established community business.

Seguin Auto Center guarantees a good experience when donating your vehicle and can ensure your donation directly benefits all of Seguin’s programs and services. 

Have a car you want to donate? Come to Seguin Auto Center located at Ogden and Central Avenues in Cicero. For more information, contact the Auto Center at 708.652.5037.

About UCP Seguin of Greater Chicago

"United Cerebral Palsy Seguin of Greater Chicago believes in a world where children and adults with disabilities achieve their potential, advance their independence and act as full members of the community. We strive to make this world a reality--in Illinois and beyond, for people at every stage of life--by leveraging technology to provide innovative training and education programs, family support, employment and life-skills training, and residential services." For more information on UCP Seguin of Greater Chicago, please visit www.ucpseguin.org.